Workshops are hour-long meets in which a leader guides the group in breaking open the walls the brain tends to force itself into, in order to encourage creativity outside of the box.

Workshops can include writing exercises, prompts, reading other poetry and prose, and watching or listening to media. They are designed to get you inspired to write – either to kick you out of writer’s block, to look at something in a different way, or to help you explore yourself and your experiences so that you’re able to write about them.

They are great for all: those who write daily, who have been writing for years and are stuck, or those who have just picked up the pen.

Workshops are open to the public.

Feedback Sessions

Workshops are often paired with Feedback Sessions.

During these sessions, KPS members share their latest works-in-progress, and the rest of the group offer the constructive criticism and compliments they need to finalize the poem.

Feedback Sessions are open to KPS members only.

Ready to write?

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