Voices & Verses Performance Application

This application is for:
Voices & Verses 3.1, on Wednesday, November 21, at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) at 6:00 pm.
THEME: Healing (applies to poetry only)

Voices & Verses is a monthly poetry and music night featuring Kuwait’s best and brightest poetic and musical voices. Click here to learn more about Voices & Verses.

Please read the following instructions carefully, as the process has changed since Season 2.

The Application

To be considered for performance at Voices & Verses, please fill out the following application. If you are a part of a duo or group, please fill out the application once with the person who would prefer to be contacted.

Filling out the application allows you to be considered for the NEXT Voices & Verses night, ONLY. If you are not selected, or would like to perform again, you must fill out the application when it is available for the next month.

A performer, duo, or group may only perform up to 4 times total throughout the Voices & Verses season, and no more than 2 months in a row.

If you are selected to perform this month, you will be contacted through Whatsapp text.
If you are not selected to perform this month, you will not be contacted.

After you are contacted personally, you will be invited to join a Whatsapp group with all performers and event organizers. The group is for important announcements before the event and photos/videos sent afterwards.

Your Work

Only poetry, music, or a combination of the two will be considered for Voices & Verses nights.
Musical acts must involve an instrument of some kind. Acoustic singing or singing over an instrumental track will not be considered.
Poetry with an instrumental track or live music is fine.

All work must be original, written by you or a group member. Cover music or poetry is not allowed at Voices & Verses nights.

We do allow any and all (audio-based) performances at our Open Mic nights, including covers and work that isn’t poetry or live music. Click here to learn more about our Open Mics.

Your finalized poetry and lyrics will be required in full from you by a certain deadline, which will be given to you when you are selected. Having drafts and working on pieces is okay, but failing to meet the final deadline may result in your removal from the performance night.

Your Performance

A maximum of four people are allowed to be on the stage at one time as a part of a performing group.

Each performance must be at least 2 minutes, and at most 7 minutes.
There is no minimum or maximum number of pieces. You may read 5 haikus or perform a 7-minute long spoken word poem – the choice is yours. We highly recommend avoiding long pieces, but again, it is up to you.

First-time performers are strongly encouraged to perform at an Open Mic before applying. There is only a small chance you will be selected to perform at Voices & Verses without experience.


If you are a poet, you will be required to attend at least one of two rehearsals. If you are unable to attend both dates, we will work something out with you (most likely, you will be asked to provide an audio or video recording of your performance).
Musical acts are not required to attend rehearsals. However, all musical acts must provide a sample audio or video of their performance in the application below.

The Night Of

On the day of the event, you will be asked to arrive up to one hour before we begin. Extreme lateness might result in you being removed from the lineup. It’ll also definitely result in us frowning at you sadly. 🙁

You should be familiar with your spot in the lineup – it will be sent at least one week before the performance night.

The Morning After

Voices & Verses performances may be recorded and put up on our YouTube Channel within a month of the performance date. The names of the performance pieces and social media information will be asked from you before posting.

Sometimes, photographers (who are really nice and wonderful and talented) attend and photograph Voices & Verses performances. These photos will be put up in a gallery, here on the website, after the event.

If you have an issue with being recorded or photographed, please let us know before the event.

And Finally

Ask an attendee or KPS member from last season – Voices & Verses are fun as hell. It’s why we keep doing them. We sound super stone-walled and professional in these instructions but we’re highkey doing it for the joy of it. We hope you are too, and hope you have a good time being a part of it. 😀

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