The Legit Open Mic

Kuwait Poets Society’s Legit Open Mic is the first recurring bi-weekly Open Mic Night in Kuwait with on-the-spot performance registration. The name “Legit” is in reference to Kuwait’s misuse of the name “Open Mic” for non-Open Mic events – us included! For more info on what exactly an Open Mic is, check out the Wikipedia article here.

During our first season, KPS hosted an Open Mic at Catchy Coffee and then at Applebee’s at Al-Bidaa March through May, gathering an audience of 80+ each night it was held.

KPS is currently holding Legit Open Mics at Applebee’s Al-Bida every other Wednesday until the end of 2017. Click here to contact us for more information on bringing KPS’s Legit Open Mics to your business location.

Are you a performer? Read below for more info on how you can perform at a Legit Open Mic.


To register to perform, performers must arrive at the posted registration time, typically one hour before the Open Mic begins. There are always 20 confirmed spots, and 3 waiting list spots.

Most of our performers are poets/spoken word artists or musicians, but any performances involving audio are permitted.
Sound equipment is available, in case a performer would like to plug in their instrument or include a backing instrumental track. Up to 4 people can be on the stage performing at one time.

All performers must provide their full name and phone number.
They must also agree to the following, in regards to their performance, to ensure all content is appropriate:
□ I understand that I cannot comment on Kuwaiti politics or the government
□ I understand that I cannot express views that are anti-religion or blasphemous
□ I understand that I cannot express explicit sexual content
□ I understand that I cannot use profane language (for clarification, please ask us)
□ I understand that disregarding any of these rules may cause my removal from the event and/or blacklisting from future Kuwait Poets Society events

Performer FAQ

Any other questions? Click here to contact us.