Ink & Oil was founded with the simple mission to bring a spotlight to the region’s literary talent and promote the intake of an underrepresented art form. We want to give emerging and known local artists a platform to share their proud work through print, published by the first litmag home to Kuwait. As a zine founded by Kuwait Poets Society, we maintain our culture of inclusivity and no hate. We value diversity and especially urge underrepresented voices to come forward and share their work with us. We warmly and ardently invite all creatively expressive minds to join us on our mission of spreading poetry and art representative of our values and ever warm Kuwait Poets Society culture.

The editors at Ink & Oil look for art that traverses borders and isn’t afraid to challenge the narrative. We value creative and experimental work, poems with exceptional detail to craft and language. Work that exposes the intimate connection between artist and audience. We appreciate poets who can manipulate language and literary devices like a color palette and create the most emotive and engaging works of art. Artists who can gather the whole of an environment through the representation of the color blue or the energy of a warm coffee mug in your hands.

As a collective of artists ourselves, we take publishing very seriously and are dedicated to treating your work with the utmost care and attention. We find Ink to be the most valuable possession, instrument, medium, pair of fuzzy socks, weapon, and treasure available in modern society. So send us your passionate haikus, your political sonnets, your medicine cabinet still lifes, interpretive sketches of your ex, your 3 am prose, dinner napkin confessions, or translations of your grandfather’s love poems. Let’s push forward the presence of art in today’s society. Let your work remind the world just how powerful and irreplaceable Ink really is.

Send us your Ink. Ink worth its Oil.

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