“A poem begins with a lump in the throat; a homesickness or a love sickness.”

Robert Frost

Our Story

A late night idea, Kuwait Poets Society began in January 2016 when founders Rawa and AJ decided there need to be more spaces where poets meet to talk poetry and drink coffee. A call on Twitter was put out, a Whatsapp group was created, and a committment to meeting once a month was set. It had no name for a long while - called "the poetry club" or "the poets" by members for months, it was the chillest group of friends who love poetry, until it became the chillest group of friends called the Kuwait Poets Society.

Our Mission

Kuwait Poets Society is dedicated to support and encourage the poetic and musical voices in Kuwait. We seek to create opportunities for all to share their art in spaces, whether within the group or publicly, that will build solidarity amongst us poets and strength within and without. We're here to shine a light on the importance of art in our communities, and don't mind dropping a couple of mics while doing it.


Poets practice the art of poetry, and writing is a major form of it. We write and share our work with each other at in-person feedback sessions and through texting.


Many members perform and/or read their poetry in front of audiences. Between us, we've performed in New York, Chicago, Portland, and London, beyond regular events in Kuwait.


Kuwait Poets Society routinely puts together poetry nights, open mics, workshops, and feedback sessions to further the spread of poetry.

Our Core Rule

No Hate is at the center of Kuwait Poets Society's creed, and all members are committed to upholding it. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, hate against LGBT+ persons, ageism, abelism, or other discrimination.

Our love of poetry brought us together.
Our love of each other keeps us together.

Our Staff

Consisting of a very dedicated bunch, the Staff is the organizing and deciding set of members of KPS. The Staff handles all KPS events, collaborations, and projects.


Rawa Majdi

Co-Founder, President


AJ Saleh

Co-Founder, Advisor


Engy Galal

Vice President

Zeina Jhaish

Blog Editor


Carina Milena Maceira

Ink & Oil Editor


Mohammed Hussnain

Lead Event Coordinator

Amyna AlMusallam

Lead Inspiration Officer


Ahmed “Goshmo” Arafa

Event Coordinator


Qais Alalami

Inspiration Officer

AlJoud AlSharhan

Content Writer


Suha Fatima

Graphic Designer


Yasmeen Alarbash

KPS Representative

Faisal “Marshy” AlJassim

Merch Manager


Shaikha Sabti

Inspiration Officer and Assistant Developer


Nada Faris

International Liaison

Want to join us?

Membership is currently closed, but check out some of our upcoming events!