KPS’s Inktober

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by Amyna AlMusallam

Inktober is an annual celebration of art that takes place during the 31 days of October. Started in 2009, its original motive was to encourage better drawing habits and to improve artists’ skills through daily prompts. Artists paint and draw every single day of October and post their pieces under the hashtag #Inktober. It’s that time of the year again, and this year, KPS will be joining the challenge, but in our own way.

During the month of October, we will encourage poets to be inspired to write poetry by visual prompts. Every Tuesday and Friday, KPS will be posting artworks or paintings as prompts on our social media. We will use what is usually celebrated with this month to be part of our writing sessions and try to form something out of art.

Try to join us this month and keep up with the prompts! Write down whatever first comes to your mind when you look at the visual prompt, or try your hardest to find something behind the ink and sketch it down yourself. The writing could be a literal translation of the masterpiece given, or your own perspective of what the art makes you feel. Try reading the words within the strokes of paint and the lines of ink. You can be inspired not simply by the artwork itself, but you can also look up the background story or the history of that piece to make the inspiration flow easier.

Post your poems and you’ll get a retweet or repost from our account. We might also have your piece as a part of our blog post! Let’s make literature a part of this month’s artistic celebration, for it is also art and we are all artists. Create art by looking at art and bringing it to life. Let’s make the sketchbook and journal meet!

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