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At our first event, Voices & Verses in November 2016

Kuwait Poets Society is a collective of poets aiming to share, celebrate, and expand the art scene in Kuwait. By hosting events, competitions, and workshops, we are seeing that more and more people are getting to know this platform and are helping with our expansion. Kuwait Poets Society, or KPS for short, is not only a platform bringing rise to the poetic voices of Kuwait, but the musical and artistic voices as well. Founded by co-founders Rawa Majdi and AJ Saleh, this collective of poets has brought an amazing diversity for such a once small group. Members from all corners of the world now exchange and perform poetry for all listening ears to enjoy.

This group of poets found its start in January 2016, when Rawa saw that a safe space where poetry could be shared was needed. She saw that poets needed to get together more often, to discuss their work, get feedback, and chat about poetry. We started out in cafes, but soon enough, we began to expand to a point where we needed to hold meetings and workshops at larger spaces, like Q8books. We now host various events ranging from open mics, workshops and feedback sessions, readings and poetry nights, as well as collaborations with other groups in Kuwait.

We’re all about diversity. With members from various nationalities, ethnicities, and age ranges, we bring forward many styles of poetry in many languages. Many of the members have taken their work to the stage, their voices resonating through the minds of the crowd members and sending inspiration to write and perform poetry themselves. Through the various events hosted by KPS, the rate of expansion we have witnessed is something the staff and we, the members, take immense pride in.

With 70+ members, we are still rising and expanding in ways unimaginable. Bringing a new vibe to poetry and music while still retaining the “underground” feel the scene has, the countless opportunities that encourage people to share and be creative via this platform have brought us together as one big family. Be it Voices and Verses, the Legit Open Mics, Slam That!, or the workshops, members and non-members alike find a great medium to express themselves through poetry and music.

One of our core drives is creating and maintaining a safe space for whoever joins us. All of our members are open and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Everyone is accepted. A strict no-hate rule has been in place from the start, to allow the maximum amount of creativity and the most inspiring drive to write and share without intolerance to exist. It always was, and always will be, somewhere people could find peace among people with similar interests who advocate nothing but the importance of love and understanding.

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