July 2017 Challenge: Paired Poetics

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For our July Challenge, we put interested participants in pairs, and instructed them to write a collaborative poem – whatever the definition of that may be. Some wrote line by line or stanza by stanza, some split the poem in half and wrote separately, and others each wrote a poem on the same topic and merged them together.

Click on each pair below to see their final pieces.

Zayna Jhaish and Moony Al-Mumin
Sharifa and Latifa Al-Eisa
AJ Rujaib and Rayan Abdelbaki
Dana Ahmad and Jassim
Joud and Mohammad Al-Ajmi
Forest by Shoug & Fares
Engy Galal and Rawa Majdi
Jenna Raslan and Jomana Namavar
Tasneem Ahmed and Faye Khan
Kholoud and Swan


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